What Sets Us Apart?



Other platforms require human interaction and extra steps which cost you money. WizardIP guides you from start to finish.

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AI Guidance


Our AI assistant, powered by ChatGPT, enhances your experience and provides critical data to ensure the best possible application.

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Dynamic Search

Dynamic Search

Our trademark search is embedded directly into the registration process and adapts to your information in real-time.

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Transparent Pricing

Transparent Pricing

The online trademark registation market is full of "fine print" and hidden fees. We pride ourselves in 100% transparency.

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WizardIP Platform

We make complex trademarks easy.

Existing online platforms are clunky, have hidden fees, and rely on follow-up calls and video consultations to complete your application. The WizardIP platform is a 100% automated experience with AI guidance, expert review, and filing by a licensed trademark attorney.

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Our Fully Automated Process

Designed to help you complete your application entirely online without any human delay.

No phone calls. Ever.
Robust tips & help center.
Embedded, dynamic search.
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Behind The Scenes AI

Powered by ChatGPT - ChatGPT leads you to best practices to be aware of when registering for a trademark.

Avoid common mistakes.
Review data-backed insights.
Register confidently, in minutes.

The WizardIP Process

We've kept the registration process simple and intuitive. No surprises.


Fill Out Your Application Using Our Helpful Wizard

You can get started right now. Use our intuitive step-by-step wizard and you're done in minutes.


Our Attorneys Review and File Your Application

Our licensed trademark attorneys review your application and file on your behalf with the USPTO.


We'll Send You Your USPTO Serial Number

Within 2 business days, you will receive an email with all of your trademark details.


We'll Follow Up If There Are Any Further Steps

Our attorneys will track your application status and email you if anything comes up.


Transparent Pricing.

The price you see is the price you pay. Other platforms hide fees and complicate the payment process. Our commitment to full transparency starts with our pricing.

Trademark Filing

+ $250 USPTO Fee*

Apply in minutes with our self-guided AI-enhanced trademark wizard.

  • Step-by-Step Process
  • AI-Powered Insights
  • Embedded Search
  • Attorney Filing
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* There is a required federal USPTO filing fee of $250 per trademark class for all trademark applications. 80% of trademark applications include only 1 class.


The Team

Our founding team is comprised of veteran IP law professionals, inventors, and entrepreneurs.
We are founders, engineers, and operators, with an eye for detail and a passion for brand identity.

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Joel Douglas, P.E.

Co-Founder, Strategy

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Shem Lachhman

Co-Founder, Operations

Team member picture

Nic OConnell

Co-Founder, Product

Team member picture

Jake OConnell

Co-Founder, Engineering

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Register Your Trademark In Minutes with WizardIP

It's easy to get started, and you can have your application completed in minutes with our intuitive process. All WizardIP registered trademarks are filed by one of our licensed trademark attorneys.